Over the last two seasons we’ve had the pleasure of doing advanced statistical analysis into the teams and players of Eliteserien. As far as we know, we are the only public site sharing Expected Goals numbers and other detailed underlying stats, bringing a new level of analysis to the game in Norway.

We were able to do this through the free data shared by Stratabet. As of October this year, Stratabet ceased its football operations which mean we no longer have the data available to continue our Eliteserien coverage at this time.

However, instead of the end, this could be the beginning of something new.

We are currently looking at the possibility of buying Eliteserien data from another provider. This data would be more detailed and would allow us to produce even more insight and a deeper analysis of Norwegian teams and players.

To do this, we need a partner to help raise the funds.

So this is an open invitation to all the clubs in Eliteserien or any other football organisation or media group in Norway for co-operation.

Through our years of experience and knowledge of football data, we could offer a unique contribution to your organisation.

To clubs, we would be able to provide an advanced level of statistical analysis and advice that could cover opposition analysis, own player and team evaluation, in addition to scouting recommendations.

For media outlets, we could provide exclusive content centred on data that can provide a different and deeper insight for your viewers or readers.

We have loved covering Eliteserien and we would now love contributing to and working for any organisation involved in the game in Norway.

If you are interested, please contact us on the details below.


Matt Rhein & Christian Wulff

The KroneBall Team

Twitter: @kroneball

Email: kroneball@gmail.com